Philip S. Schein, MD - President

Dr. Schein is widely regarded as a leading authority on the pharmacology of anticancer agents and the treatment of cancer.  He served as a Senior Investigator and Head, Clinical Pharmacology Section, Medicine Branch at the National Cancer Institute, and  Scientific Director of the Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, DC.  He subsequently served as Vice President for Worldwide Clinical Research and Development, SmithKline & French Laboratories and Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology.  In 1987 he founded U.S. Bioscience, a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company, where he took three products through development and marketing approval in the US, Europe and Canada.  He subsequently served as Visiting Professor in Cancer Pharmacology, University of Oxford and more recently as Chairman of the Board of Directors, US National Laboratory/CASIS on the International Space Station.

Dr. Schein has held major positions in the field of Medical Oncology including President, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Chairman of the FDA's Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC), and Chairman of the Medical Oncology Committee, American Board of Internal Medicine.  He received a White House appointment to the National Cancer Advisory Board, where he chaired the Clinical Investigations Committee.  Dr. Schein served as Co-Chairman/Chairman of the Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group and has been a founding member of several international research collaborations, including the Japan-American Agreement on Cancer Research.  In 1984, in a survey of department chairmen and clinical program chiefs at 87 medical schools, Dr. Schein was ranked as one of the 120 best doctors in America and one of four listed in Oncology.

Dr. Schein has authored over 350 articles and texts relating to basic and clinical cancer research and drug development and has been awarded 13 patents.  He is the recipient of numerous scientific and median awards, including the Harvey W. Medal from the FDA.  He has been awarded several honorary doctorates and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London.